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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Why Boycott Casey?

Why Boycott Casey?All this discussion on Boycotting Casey has me really mind baffled.The people on your television sets Vinnie Politan,Nancy Grace,Dr.Drew etc. telling you not to buy Casey's book or watch her interview are the same people who have been reporting on this case for the past 3 yrs making a ton.Raking in more ratings than they ever have,while they skyrocketed throughout the trial & currently continue to hold more ratings than they ever did before this case.Many Lawyers have now been made relevant,due to this case resulting in major jumpstarts to their careers.Individuals protesting it via Twitter,Facebook,blogs etc are the very same individuals contributing to those ratings.These very same "Journalists" proclaiming to be against "Blood-money",saying how wrong & disgusting it is will be the same ones watching the interview & will run a Special Report on it,same for the book.Which I can only imagine what ratings they will have for that.The Lawyers making the same claims about "Blood-money" will be the same Lawyers making guest appearances on these very shows(as they have been) discussing the interview & book.In my opinion all these people protesting against "Blood-money" are the #1 supporters.Sounds very counterdicting & hypocritical to me.It's one thing to make money off these kind of cases,which people do whether people agree with it or not.However it's another if your preaching about being against it while being the number one contributor.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Shocked Casey's appealing all 4 counts of lying...I'm not.

Many believe Casey is "Crazy" to appeal her 4 counts of lying to police,I don't.Of course everyone who believes that also assume she is guilty of Murder.Someone whom is Guilty doesn't get acquitted of Murder in the first degree,2 counts of Manslaughter,Child Abuse & than appeal 4 counts of lying to Police.Especially being they already have time served, released from prison & only left with fines.Who would do that,now that is what really sounds crazy to me.In my opinion that person would be happy they just got away with Murder,pay the fine & be done.Yet Casey appeals all 4 counts of lying to a police officer.But why?I recall hearing during the trial that the Jurors could not convict her of lying to a police officer if she was forced into do so.Being there was no proof showing she was forced to do so the jurors rendered their guilty verdict on all 4 counts.I believe she was forced by George to lie & that's why she's appealing the charges.Everyone only assumes she's guilty of doing so because of what's in reports & on video.But what's really behind these lies,why?I feel her appealing these counts speak for itself.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Investigation/Discovery/Depostions It's my belief Jesse Grund knows exactly what happen.Cindy's is pretty interesting also,long but useful info.

Shocked by the Not Guilty Verdict?I'm not.,.

Were you one of the many shocked by Casey's Not Guilty verdict?I sure wasn't.What surprised me was people believing the States so called evidence was remotely enough to get her the death penalty. From day one Det.Melich was trying to find out what happened to Caylee but after Casey started lying that of course made him suspicious(I would be too)But he took it too far when he took it upon himself to disregard anything & everything that could've shown what happened to Caylee if it didn't have to do w/Casey as the murderer. Cindy states in her deposition she believed there was an accident with the pool stairs,are you aware of what he told her?He told her not to worry about it because there's no proof it happened? Now that's what a detective does when investigating a case for the truth.What about at Universal when talking to Casey he left several times due to phone calls (you can hear in the video or read in deposition)And guess who it was?Cindy!She kept calling him insisting she believed there was a pool accident.Did Melich,the good detective he is who wants nothing but justice for Caylee go back in that room & question Casey about it?No he certaintly did not.I assume he told Cindy yet again not to worry because there's no proof to prove it happened.They didn't want real evidence,real evidence to prove what really happened to Caylee,he wanted any evidence he could get to prove Casey did it.Even if it meant making up evidence.Of course that's why I believe when Kronk called 911 it took how many months for someone to actually go out there & look.And the first time a cop goes put there he acts like he don't see anything and than "falls"in mud an gets mad yelling at Kronk (Another deploy). They never wanted her body discovered right away because an autopsy would of been able to prove what really happened.And that of course would've proved drowning.Kronk I believe did mess with remains when he realized cops weren't doing anything,he wanted to make sure the remains stayed put so he would receive  the reward money.Now with George he has guilt written all over him,he had some type of involvement here in one way or another.He did nothing from day one but clear himself.First with the gas cans,reporting them missing.In an 08 deposition he stated he was aware of Casey borrowing the cans.Well first day of trial,first person on the stand is George.When asked on direct by Ashton if he was aware that Casey would borrow the gas cans he answered No.While on cross w/Baez he asks him the same question an he answers No.Baez than shows him his depo where he stated he was aware she did,an said so you reported gas cans missing that you knew Casey would use?And he answered yes.How strange is that?He was also asked in his depo if he was able to see in her trunk the day she brought the cans back an he answered No.He had to play onto everyone believing Casey was trying to keep everyone from seeing in her trunk.Baez than refreshed his recollection with his depo from 08 where he stated he did see in the trunk & only saw clothes.Seems like back than he was still trying to cover it up but was sure to clear himself in case things ever got out of "whack" which things certaintly did because Casey was charged with Murder .Than the "Attempted" suicide,what a joke!Everything he stated was to clear himself.He was sure to state he didn't know what happened to her,that he didn't know who did it to her.He knew that was a perfect way to clear himself an that the letter could be admissible in court to do so,as it was.Same with the jail house videos.He made a statement "I just wish I could of been a better dad&grandfather" knowing Casey would have to say he was an that it was recorded an would help make himself look better an also be admissible in court,as it was.Now what doesn't sound right with all that?He's worked on murder cases,he knew exactly what he was doing here.Ashton was rude from day one,laughing,smirking,making hand gestures while walking to sidebar.Right from Baez's opening than during Baez closing Ashton is doing it yet again,an Baez asks nicely if it could please stop an give him the respect he deserves.When Judge Perry should've  addressed it 6 weeks ago,an when Ashton does it a second time Baez is the one who has to say something because the Judge surely didn't,an the media claims Baez is the rude one?That's complete nonsense.Again they turn the truth around as they do with everything.Baez was never rude,Ashton was from day 1 an it certainly didn't   rub off the jurors well.What Prosecutor represents a dead little girl & laughs and tells jokes in Court?It certainly is no laughing or joking matter.The media has brainwashed America for the past 3 yrs with evidence that isn't there,that's why everyone is so shocked.Because Media said one thing and the courtroom said & showed another.Looking at all the facts & evidence I'm totally shocked people believe the States claim here.It was a premeditated murder with chloroform searches that weren't even there which Baez has filed a motion for false testimony an false evidence.Are you aware there were 2 tests that were done on tbe computer?People should look up what the first results conclusions were.And than you have the duct tape found completely away from remains that the state claims "It just had to be over the mouth & nose,it just had to be" Now that's some nonsense if I ever heard any.There's plenty of other explanations where that duct tape could've been.Chloroform there were no "Extremely high levels" as Dr.Vass stated with his unknown,unreliable science experiment.As the State proved with their FBI Chemist who's results shown very low levels that are found in cleaning agents.The smell in the car,that really gets me too,Detective Melich the head Det. says when he arrived at the Anthony residents he did smell an odor.Did he report it or make a report about it?No,he did absolutely nothing.Now working on a missing Childs case an from what I have heard once you smell a dead body you never forget the smell.Don't you think if it was a smell of human decomp that he would've reported it?I bet he's wishing he would've made that claim now,since he wanted nothing but to get Casey the murder charge from day one.So are you really listening to all these facts when your discrediting the Jurors,and their decision?You really expected them to find her guilty based off that "Evidence" People need to quit being brainwashed as I call it from the media an look at the real facts of this case.These people you listen & watch on these media shows who claim they want Justice for Caylee is a lie!If they wanted Justice they wouldn't of been filling your brain cells with complete lies for 3 yrs.As that was shown in court as well.I don't know where you've been or what trial everyone else has been following but I watched religiously an read discovery to render this opinion,I'm not calling anyone a "Baby Killer"before knowing the facts,those are strong & powerful words to say about someone,escpecially being made from media speculation.