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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Devils Blood

Hate...What is hate?Is it ever "Ok" to Hate?Is it "Ok" to excuse or Justify using Hate when needed?I call it the Devils Blood.In my opinion Hate is not "Ok",Hate should never be justified to make it "Ok". All these hateful & malicious comments being made directed towards Casey is nothing but Hate,the Devils blood is running crazy through their veins.I could never picture myself saying how one should be killed or even go into details,even if I believed someone was a Murderer.These people saying these hateful things are no better than any Murderer. In my eyes you have the same Mentality as a Murderer,only difference is you haven't physically committed the act.Therefore you are no better...With all the discussions on Bullying I just am astonished at how many adults continue with this behavior. Your showing & teaching Children,our future generation that hate & hateful acts are "Ok" under certain circumstances.When indeed they are not,Hate is never "Ok" ,Violence is never "Ok" .No matter what your Religion is,whether you believe in God and the Devil or not,I am sure we can all agree there's Good Vs.Evil/Bad.In life "Things" "People" "Obstacles" are going to be thrown in your way,some Good..some  bad.You can do one of two things let the bad consume & take over you or try to learn and build from it.While I can name call back or criticize these people for being consumed by Hate,the Devil's Blood,I've learned to be more Patient and have better communication skills.Have you learned or been consumed by the Devils Blood?

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Casey's Video Diary....

There are no words to explain how furious I am about the Video that Casey's Therapist released,without her permission.In order to better herself she has to put some faith into these people "Helping" her which I'm sure is extremely hard for her to do,& I am sure she has it in the back of her mind they could potentially turn on her with still leaving to put trust in that person.So now this person has released this video which I'm sure there are more & is making a ton of money people shift the blame on Casey.Claiming she's the one making money off of it.If people really cared about anyone making money off Caylee than they would direct it right at the source.I see all these hateful comments directed at Casey but none towards the person who collected off this video.Everything from the start of this case to the end to currently is totally backwards.I can see Casey is going to go through a lot of bumps to get where she needs to be mentally & from reading her Jail house letters I know she has the strength,willpower & higher power to do so.Everyone claims their tired of it "Being about Casey" so why not open your eyes & start holding the right person accountable.I also believe this was a strategic move from Zenaida's Atty.Morgan who is now filing a Motion to make Casey testify.Also don't let these people fool you into believing that they can't make money from YouTube because they certainly can & will.With all the views the video has received in such a short period of time it's only a matter of time before they Partnership with YouTube & start collecting.Lord knows they've received great publicity through all the Media coverage its received and by doing the interviews.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Imperfect Acquittal...

So Dr.G had her "Special" air last night.I found it rather appalling & distasteful,that's putting it lightly.I like how she claims the money she makes from it she's donating to Charity.Just like Cindy & George's Charity where only 20% actually went to Charity.Although it really doesn't matter if all went to Charity because she still achieved what she wanted which was promoting her new show coming up.Which she will profit from & not have to donate...I really am astonished by people like Dr.G,& Nancy Grace.They of course pick a Children's charity,I guess it makes more "Ok" to continue profiting from Caylee's death.These people may do one "Special" & "Donate" proceeds to Charity however they are gaining from it in the long run.The more these people spread Hate towards Casey,the bigger their audience.Which means even more money in their pockets & the end of the day.These people such as Dr.G & Nancy Grace feed off the weak minded,they know how people let their emotions take over when dealing with a child's death & they have most certainly used that against many.These are the same people who claimed Casey would make millions off Caylee's death,a little contradicting isn't it?Yet people still choose to support these people.Another thing I don't quite understand is how these people are getting away with still saying Casey is Guilty.I don't know what Ashton is talking about when he say's Imperfect Justice,in the Public eye she was found Guilty & still acknowledged as being Guilty.Casey must be more involved with her higher power than what I though not to do anything about it.I just don't understand how more people don't see this going on....I wish for 2012 more people would put their emotion aside just for one moment so they can begin seeing this.God Bless & Love!