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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Thoughts on George & Cindy's Dr.Phil Interview...

As expected this interview was to ensure the finger stays pointed at Casey.George let Cindy do most of the talking while he waited for opportunities to run Casey down.
 Dr.Phil starts discussing with Cindy how she always tries to find good in people,giving them the benefit of the doubt.And goes on making a comment about Casey at the club & is quick to say "I'm not trying to make excuses for her or anything." I'm not buying it,just like her suggesting Casey's seizures may have played a role in Caylee's death.Her "excuses" are ridiculous & I really believe she's playing the role out of "Making excuses for Casey" She can't give reasonable/legit excuses for Casey because the finger must stay pointed at Casey.
 What really struck me during this interview was Cindy's response to how she felt after overhearing Casey telling Lee that Caylee was kidnapped.She said she was extremely angry,wanted to choke Casey,even wanted to hit her but hit the bed instead.Who finds out their grandchild is missing & gets so mad they want to choke the mother?And people wonder why Casey couldn't just come out & say it was an accident,could you imagine what Cindy would've done if she did?
 Cindy discussed how Casey tried calling her on June 16th,6 times in 4 min.Even tried calling her work.Dr.Phil suggested if an accident really happend wouldn't you think she would've continued calling until she got through to tell you.It's obvious Casey certaintly was trying everything in her power to reach Cindy & had something important to tell her.What stopped Casey from following through?I find it very odd.When asked what she sounded like on the msg,Cindy couldn't "remember".She made a comment that raised a brow,she stated how it won't be over for her until she finds out what happend to Caylee & Casey on June 16.I find it strange how she mentions what "Happend to Casey" she's aware something occurrd for her not to continue calling & follow through with telling her what she had to tell her.
 George as always was extremely eager to say Casey is the one to blame for Caylee's death.He says he can't say whether or not he believed she was Chloroformed because the evidence didn't show it.Yet he contradicts that statement by saying he believes she was sedated,although performed drug tests came back negative for drugs.
 Certain words,and phrases he used struck me as well.Such as "I'm being honest with my heart"& "Inside of my heart" I don't believe those are genuine statements.I also love when he's talking about missing Caylee he gives an exact date,saying hrs misses her since July 15,2008.He actually gave that entire date.
 George made a statement and directed it towards Casey,which I found rather disturbing.He said if Casey is watching or does watch that he wants her to know that he believes she's responsible for Caylee's death.How dare him,how dare you George Anthony.Of course he can't allege it being an accident because how Caylee got placed etc would than come out.And who wants real details about this case.
 Dr.Phil replayed a video of a juror whom made a statement saying they believed George had selective memory & felt he was withholding info.His response was it was difficult because alot of the questions were yes or no answers.Everyone who watched the trial is well aware about every yes or no question asked George was sure to answer withan explanation.So what's the real reason behind that?
 There's still more questions than answers,George still more eager than ever to put the blame on Casey.Dr.Phil is just like the rest $$$.Was sure to add at the end of the segment that he would never interview Casey.This case has really shown peoples true colors.

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