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Friday, November 18, 2011

Greedy Ashton....

First Jeff Ashton retires,makes several TV appearances,a Book,& now possibly a movie.I believe from the beginning Jeff realized all the Media attention this case was drawing in and he took it as an opportunity to make a fortune.I believe certain things were done on purpose to make people even more drawn into the case such as making this a Death Penalty case.In my opinion Jeff Ashton turned this whole case into his "Own Reality Show" The fake Chloroform searches,Imaginary "High" Chloroform readings from his Fictional Dr.Vass. The Duct tape he claims "Had to be over the mouth & nose" because there's just "No other explanation.The list goes on and on. He knew from the beginning there was noway Casey would get the Death Penalty,however it made people even more drawn into the case,which equals more money in his pocket.Anything he could do to "Excite" the case,draw more people into,he did. He acts surprised that Casey was acquitted,it's all an act.If anything he was surprised he couldn't persuade the Jury based off their emotion. That's all this case has been based on from day one is Emotion.If people would put their emotions aside and see what's really going on its actually fairly easy to recognize.Jeff Ashton has been completely taken over by Greed,a lot of people have.The same people who have told you Casey would be making millions,and told you to stay away from anything she's making money from...Yes those are the same exact individuals profiting from this case.


  1. I agree 100% with you. He is Scum! He knew from day one he was writing a book.

  2. He had plans from day one to retire & make millions....

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  4. Yes, it does appear that he's in it for the money now - or because he's running for a higher position.

    I still believe there would have been a better case without the strange science - or if they had opened one of those cans. Anywho, Linda Drane Burdick was a lot better prosecutor than Ashton. I found her more interesting to listen to.

    I still believe Casey's guilty though.