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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Casey's Video Diary....

There are no words to explain how furious I am about the Video that Casey's Therapist released,without her permission.In order to better herself she has to put some faith into these people "Helping" her which I'm sure is extremely hard for her to do,& I am sure she has it in the back of her mind they could potentially turn on her with still leaving to put trust in that person.So now this person has released this video which I'm sure there are more & is making a ton of money people shift the blame on Casey.Claiming she's the one making money off of it.If people really cared about anyone making money off Caylee than they would direct it right at the source.I see all these hateful comments directed at Casey but none towards the person who collected off this video.Everything from the start of this case to the end to currently is totally backwards.I can see Casey is going to go through a lot of bumps to get where she needs to be mentally & from reading her Jail house letters I know she has the strength,willpower & higher power to do so.Everyone claims their tired of it "Being about Casey" so why not open your eyes & start holding the right person accountable.I also believe this was a strategic move from Zenaida's Atty.Morgan who is now filing a Motion to make Casey testify.Also don't let these people fool you into believing that they can't make money from YouTube because they certainly can & will.With all the views the video has received in such a short period of time it's only a matter of time before they Partnership with YouTube & start collecting.Lord knows they've received great publicity through all the Media coverage its received and by doing the interviews.


  1. Wow, so the video came from a therapist? I was wondering where it came from. I watched it and the place taking credit was the Anti-Casey facebook page doing exactly what you said "release it first so she doesn't make any money." Total crap. Unfortunately I don't think she'll ever get a fair shake. :(

  2. oh, come on! You are speculating. You have no absolute idea who, when, why or what released this video of Casey Anthony. To accuse her therapist is a dangerous game you're playing. That doctor can then come back and sue YOU as the perpetrator of this story. You, in turn, will have to PROVE that you knew it to be the truth. Can you do that? You are accusing a professional medical person of a gross act of ethical misconduct. Better get your facts in order.
    Also, I can't figure out ANY way that someone can make money by posting an amateur video on YouTube. Could you explain that to me?
    Diane Dimond

  3. I've posted no names & all my Blogs are based on my opinion,sometimes mixed with facts.I can't predict or help how one takes my Blogs.And people can make money off of YouTube in numerous ways.One way is through Partnership,you upload a video & if they see it getting thousands & thousands of views in a short period of time that's where $ comes in play.There are many others ways to make money off YouTube but I don't know the specifics to get in detail but you may Google it.People make money off of YouTube all the time.Thanks for reading!God Bless...